If your Talking Newspaper wants to publish its recordings on the Internet, then the tnPlayer™ is for you!

The tnPlayer is a flexible and easy-to-use webpage player, a bit like the BBC iPlayer, but designed specifically for talking newspapers.

The tnPlayer is embedded within a page on your website. This involves copying and pasting 3 lines of text - it’s very easy to do! If you don’t have a website, we can create one for you.

Newsbridge links to the tnPlayer on your website and allows you to effortlessly publish recordings to it.

With just the press of a button, Newsbridge publishes your recordings to the tnPlayer in four different formats - an instant player, a podcast, a single downloadable MP3 file and individual MP3 tracks.

In addition to multiple formats, the player stores previous recordings, so users can listen again or catch up on missed recordings.

The tnPlayer™ helps you reach more listeners and attract new ones, by offering more listening choices. The tnPlayer will work on just about any computer that has a web browser, be it a standard PC, tablet PC, iPhone, Android Phone or other Smart Phone. For any MP3 player, the complete recording or individual tracks can be downloaded.

To see the tnPlayer™ in action, we have embedded it into this page. Please see below for details, and have a go yourself.

tnPlayer - Live Demo


This rectangular frame below contains the tnPlayer. Your users will just see this frame embedded within your webpage. The tnPlayer stays embedded on your webpage and does not redirect listeners anywhere else.

tnPlayer™ - Pricing

tnPlayer™ is free to the end user. Pricing starts at just £10 per month for smaller TNs. For larger TNs the price is negotiable, and depends upon listener numbers and the number of editions produced. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For TNs with multiple copies of Newsbridge, at a minimum, only the copy of Newsbridge used for uploading to the Internet needs upgrading to version 5, all other copies can remain at their current version.