Welcome to Bridge Digital

Bridge Digital specialise in providing easy-to-use software, hardware and services to talking newspapers, talking magazines and similar organisations. Our products and services enable our customers to record digitally, quickly and easily, without the need for lots of technical knowledge.

Our flagship product Newsbridge™ is used by many of the leading talking newspapers and talking magazines across the UK.

Newsbridge™ can be used to record, edit and publish recordings to Memory Stick (Thumbdrive), CD, Web Page, Podcast and MP3 Download.

Here's what just a few of our customers are saying about our Digital Recording Systems:

  • Lowestoft & District TN. (Sound East)

    We made the total switch at the beginning of June, ditching cassettes altogether and issuing thumbdrives (memory sticks). We supplied all our listeners with Newsbridge Speaker units. We have been pleasantly surprised at how well it has been received by listeners and volunteers alike.

    We went with the Newsbridge system as supplied by Bridge Digital. The beauty of that is that no editing is required at the end of recording as it works just like a tape recorder, being able to pause, go back and record over mistakes. We use the same mixer desk that we always used, with the addition of an external USB sound card which means that levels for each microphone can be controlled individually and changed as required during recording. I can thoroughly recommend the system!

  • East Shropshire Talking Newspaper

    I am writing to you to thank you so much for your help in getting exactly what we wanted out of the software. I am ecstatic that you have managed to incorporate our suggestions and hope it will enable other talking newspapers to come on board.

    Chris and I are now going to purchase a PC and of course we will be buying your software along with memory sticks and stand alone copiers...

    Congratulations once again and very well done!

  • Malvern Talking Newspaper

    We are really very pleased with the Newsbridge Digital Recording Package from Bridge Digital. Both our recording teams and our visually impaired customers find it easy to use and a great improvement on our previous system. We converted from cassette tapes in May 2010 and all have been impressed with the improvement in sound quality. Even our Treasurer was surprised and delighted by your value for money prices! The teething problems have been very few and your very able help has been prompt and effective.

    We would recommend your system to anyone currently using analogue recording systems.

  • Tameside Talking News

    I'm pleased to say that we have now switched to digital recording this month with great success. We initially intended to use sound editing software to record our Talking Newspaper but, after finding out how easy Newsbridge was, we now use it all the time.

    Even our technicians who haven't used computers before are now happy to record with the Newsbridge software!

Why Go Digital?

Analogue cassette based recording systems have a number of problems. These being the poor availability of replacement tapes, the cost of servicing and replacing equipment with moving parts (tapes, tape players and tape duplicators), the relative poor quality of analogue recordings and the limit of about 90 minutes recording time.

With a digital system all these problems are overcome - memory sticks (thumbdrives) are industry standard, readily available and here to stay for at least the next 10 years. There are no moving parts, so servicing costs are drastically reduced and because it's digital, recordings are crystal clear and can be virtually any length.

Also, once you have gone digital it's then easy to attract new listeners by providing a convenient range of digital formats like website playback, website download and Apps for Smartphones and Tablet computers.

What is the Bridge Digital recording system?

The Bridge Digital recording system is everything you need to record, edit, duplicate and playback - digitally, using either Memory Sticks (Thumbdrives), CDs, or the Internet.

Digital Recording, Editing, Duplicating, Publishing

Newsbridge™ is our specially designed all-in-one digital recording, editing, duplicating and Internet publishing computer software. It is both easy-to-use and very quick to learn. In fact it's so easy to use, that no knowledge of digital recording, mastering or computers are required! Read more about Newsbridge™ >>


For small duplication Memory Stick (Thumbdrive) or CD runs, our Newsbridge™ software turns your computer into a duplicator, that works at the touch of a button.

For larger duplication runs, our dedicated tower duplicators make quick work of duplicating hundreds, or thousands, of Memory Stick (Thumbdrives) or CDs.


Our Thumbdrive (Memory Stick) playback speakers are reliable, cost effective and most importantly easy-to-use. Many users tell us they are easier to use than cassette players! Alternatively, our tnPlayer allows easy playback through a webpage on the Internet.

New - Publish Online! Instant Player, Podcast and MP3 downloads

Newsbridge version 5.0 now allows you to publish your recordings to the Internet, effortlessly, with just the click of a button! Our webpage tnPlayer allows users to quickly and easily playback both current and past recordings.
Read more about our new tnPlayer here >>

*Our Newsbridge™ digital recording, editing and duplication software, supports both memory sticks (thumbdrives), CDs and playback through the Internet.

How does it work?

  1. Screenshot of Newsbridge software

    Use our easy-to-use Newsbridge™ software to effortlessly make and edit your digital recordings. It couldn't be easier, just use the controls on-screen as you would on a cassette recorder. If you make a mistake just stop, rewind a little, then record again!

  2. Optionally, use Newsbridge to send a copy of the recordings to the Internet for download by listeners

    Optionally, use Newsbridge to send a copy of the recordings to the Internet and allow users to listen again to current or previous recordings, download them to an MP3 player, or play them via the website or even a Smartphone/Tablet App. It's easy - one click and it's all done!

  3. Duplicate to multiple memory sticks

    Duplicate the digital recordings onto memory sticks (thumbdrives) by pressing a single button in Newsbridge™, or by using one of our tower duplicators.

  4. Send memory sticks to service users

    Use existing volunteers and procedures to send the memory sticks (instead of cassette tapes) to your service users. Users just plug their memory stick into the Newsbridge speaker, and start listening!

  5. Memory sticks are returned, to be used again

    Memory sticks are returned, to be used again

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